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"Transformation isn't the result of data acquisition. It's what's left after the collision of truth and experience."

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When you read something, you might remember it. When you experience something, you rarely forget.


It's instructive that Jesus' manner of teaching involved his disciples literally following him and personally experiencing his approach to life in the Kingdom of God as he taught using metaphor and story. When he talked of sheep, they were nearby. When he taught them about the narrow road, they were on one. When he pointed out the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, they were surrounded by them.

One of the severe weaknesses of the modern concept of spiritual development and discipleship is that it's usually limited to simply learning the right facts, believing the right things, and doing - or not doing - certain actions.

But Jesus' idea of being a disciple is Transformation, and transformation isn't the result of data acquisition. It's what's left after the collision of truth and experience.

For transformation to occur - for us to become more like Jesus With Skin On - we have to have more than data and facts. We have to experience him, his truth, and his world. It's only then that the truth of the Bible becomes more than words on a page for us, but rather a source of change and realization.

Are you ready?

Your Experience is Waiting...

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Directed Meditations

Designed to add experiences to your times of personal worship, Directed Meditations get you off the couch and into the world; the city, the woods, the beach, the riverside, the cliff line, the meadow, or a thousand other places, and challenge you to "look beyond and within." Using story, metaphor, intentional action, and focused reflection upon Biblical passages, our Directed Meditations push you to experience truth, rather than just hear it. Join our Community and get a fresh one delivered to your inbox each month!

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Catalyst Retreats

Habits, patterns, and routines are central to healthy physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual growth. They can also be the deepest kind of bondage when they keep us locked into unproductive or destructive ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling as we pursue transformation in Christ. Often the most effective way to jump-start change is to disrupt the old patterns so that we can form new ones that move us toward transformation.

Coming in 2023, our Catalyst retreats will help you do just that. 

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